The only restaurant that serves Ishigaki beef cutlet! It's a delicious dish that you would want to visit again!

Ganso Ishigaki beef cutlet

ganso ishigakigyukatsu

Ganso Ishigaki beef cutlet

Gourmet:Dining & Bar

Yaeyama Islands:Ishigaki City

The recommended Ishigaki beef cutlet is served in a set meal (Gozen) style. Uses top round steak (Uchimomo), which is very flavourful but a flavour you never get tired of. In addition to the beef cutlet, the meal comes with local side dishes such as bitter gourd, mozuku seaweed and soba (buckwheat noodles), making it a very satisfying meal. Enjoy your meal with several seasonings to choose from: shikwasa ponzu sauce, asa (seaweed) salt, dashi soy sauce, etc. The bite-sized minced cutlets are very popular with children and women. The unknown texture is something that you want to experience again! Bite-sized cutlets are packed with full of delicious flavours!

Shop Information

Shop Nameganso ishigakigyukatsu
Ganso Ishigaki beef cutlet
Okinawa Ishigaki City Ookawa 279-1


About 5 minutes walk from Ishigaki Port Ritoh Terminal
TEL 0980-87-6105     ('International number:+81-980-87-6105)
Hours of Operation11:30~22:00
*Subject to change
Regular HolidayWednesday
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