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Ti-da Beach Parlour

ti-da beach parlour

Ti-da Beach Parlour

Gourmet:Fast Foods & Sweets

Naha・Kokusai Street Area

The cute, colorful neon sign makes you feel like you are on the beach. The chia seed smoothies with tropical fruits draw the ladies’ attention.

Shop Information

Shop Nameti-da beach parlour
Ti-da Beach Parlour
Naha City Makishi 2-7-18


About 1mins on feet from Yui Rail Makishi Station
TEL 098-894-8828     ('International number:+81-98-894-8828)
Hours of Operation12:00~1:00
[Cafe time]12:00~20:00
[Parlour time] 20:00~1:00
Regular HolidayOpen daily

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