The largest farmers’ market in Okinawa and a fish market run directly by the Fisheries Cooperative Association.

Roadside Station Itoman

michinoeki itoman

Roadside Station Itoman

Gourmet:Fast Foods & Sweets:Shopping:Snacks & Candies, Food

Tomigusuku City・Itoman City

Yukura,where you will find local specialties,condiments,and artisanal products. It’s got a food court and a snack shop. Try a taste of fresh fish on the spot!

Shop Information

Shop Namemichinoeki itoman
Roadside Station Itoman
Okinawa Itoman City Nishizakicho 4-20-4


About 20 mins by car from Naha airport
TEL 0989871277     ('International number:+81-989871277)
Hours of Operation9:00〜18:00 Business hours vary according to store
Regular Holiday
Parking ◯ Free(312 cars)


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