A wide variety of Okinawa dishes that goes well with sake! The conversation with the staff who serves you sake is also fun

Dining Hana

dining hana

Dining Hana

Dining & Bar

Naha・Kokusai Street Area

Dishes that goes well with sake. Conveniently located close to a station

Shop Information

Shop Namedining hana
Dining Hana
Okinawa Naha City Kumoji2-18-21


About 2 mins walk from the Miebashi Station
About 15 mins by car from Naha airport
TEL 098-864-2258     ('International number:+81-98-864-2258)
Hours of OperationSunday~Friday / 18:00〜0:00
Saturday~Sunday / 18:00~1:00
Regular HolidaySundays & Holidays
Payment Method

Cash Payment, Credit Card


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