Agu pork, black wagyu, goat, vegetables, and fruits are all from our farm. You can only taste them here!

Matayoshi Kanko Farm Restaurant

matayoshi kankou nouen restaurant

Matayoshi Kanko Farm Restaurant

Gourmet:Steak & Yakiniku & Syabusyabu

Nago City・Yanbaru Area

Agu Shabu-shabu for one person 2900yen *Orders starting from two people.   Shabu-shabu using ‘Awa-dake Agu Pork’ hand-raised in the restaurant’s farm. Customers have a choice of sesame or Ponzu dressing, both of which bring out the umami-flavor of meat. ”Magi” Agu Cutlet 980yen  ”Magi” is ”big” in Okinawan dialect. As the name suggests, it’s a big cutlet made with Agu pork. Okinawan Set ”Plum”1500yen  A meal with tofu side dish, kelp stir-fry, seasonal sashimi, and other such Okinawan ingredients with Agu pork as the main dish.

Shop Information

Shop Namematayoshi kankou nouen restaurant
Matayoshi Kanko Farm Restaurant
Okinawa Nago City Ookita1-23-1


About 20 mins by car from Kyoda Inter Section
About 3 minutes from Nago Intersection by car
About 44 mins by car from Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
TEL 0980-53-1929     ('International number:+81-980-53-1929)
Hours of OperationLunch/11:00 - 14:00,Dinner/17:00 - 21:30
Regular HolidayTuesday
Parking ◯ Free Parking ( 33 spaces)
Payment Method

Cash Payment, Credit Card


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