Observatory deck and boardwalk are also good attractions Oasis of nature in an urban area

Urasoe Daikoen Park

urasoe dai park

Urasoe Daikoen Park

Sightseeing:Theme park

Urasoe City・Ginowan City

The roller slide, the long slide from which you can look down onto the city of Urasoe, is very popular among children, so there‛s a long line to ride it. The view from the observatory deck is excellent!

Shop Information

Shop Nameurasoe dai park
Urasoe Daikoen Park
Okinawa Urasoe City Iso 115-1


About 20 mins by car from Naha airport
TEL 098-873-0700     ('International number:+81-98-873-0700)
Hours of Operation9:00〜21:00
Regular Holiday
Parking ◯ Free Parking ( 200 spaces)

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