Free of artificial flavors. Light stock prepared using ”Pineapple Pork Jun.”

Ryushin Okinawan soba noodles

ryushin soba

Ryushin Okinawan soba noodles

Gourmet:Okinawa Soba,Ramen noodle

Nanjo City・Yaese Town・Haebaru Town・Yonabaru Town

A unique light-yet-rich stock. First Okinawan soba noodles topped with ”tapioca”!

Shop Information

Shop Nameryushin soba
Ryushin Okinawan soba noodles
Okinawa Nanjo City Ozato-nakama731-1


About 15 mins by car from Haebaru-Minami Inter Section
TEL 098-946-7543     ('International number:+81-98-946-7543)
Hours of Operation11:00〜17:00 LO.16:00
Regular HolidayTuesday , 1/1-1/3 , Lunar calendar Bon festival
Parking ◯ 20 spaces
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