Count on us for brown sugar. Let's watch, touch and experience it.

Okinawa Kokuto Inc.

okinawa kokuto

Okinawa Kokuto Inc.

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West Coast Area

A tour of squeezing harvested sugar cane Cutting brown sugar carefully by hand We offer brown sugar 「Nabebuchi」 which has a rich flavor and different types of brown sugar 【Goat Soup set】 Goat meat is referred to as helping with re-energization. We serve them with Mugwort!  You can enjoy the goat soup at 「Suppon kan」. The store is located along Route 58 and big cow and pig figures are landmark

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Shop Information

Shop Nameokinawa kokuto
Okinawa Kokuto Inc.
Okinawa Yomitan Village Zakimi2822-3


About 50mins by car from Naha Airport
TEL 098-958-4005     ('International number:+81-98-958-4005)
Hours of Operation8:30〜17:30
Regular Holidayopen unless otherwise notified
Parking ◯ 30 cars
Payment Method

Cash Payment, Credit Card, Union Pay

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