We provide snorkeling and scuba diving tours at the emerald-blue coral sea of Miyako Island, with the highest safety and most eco-friendly measure!

Eco Guide Cafe

eco guide cafe

Eco Guide Cafe

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Miyako Island・Ikema Island・Kurima Island

Eco Guide Café provides all the tours with highest safety, and are activively participating in environmental conservation. Miyako island is famous for the high transparency of the sea water, and the diversity of corals and fishes. People can clearly sea the fantastic under-water scenery by snorekling. With the full-faced masked discover diving, you can breathe naturally as if you are on land. We conduct discover diving one-by-one, and use the well-balanced side-mount gears. Therefore tourists actually need to do nothing more than breathing and enjoying the scenery. By snorkeling at Irabu Blue Grotto, you can get rid of the crowd of the blue grotto of Okinawa main island but enjoy the scenery to your heart’s content. Let's explore the mysterious Blue Grotto! With the one-by-one guidance, you will enjoy the brand new experience of zero gravity with the professional side-mounted gears! More fun is guaranteed! From the proper way of equipping the gears to the body position of snorkeling, we carefully guide every guest in all our tours. Even beginners can enjoy the tour easily. With the one-by-one discover diving, guests can closely appreciate the fascinating coral reefs even if they do not know how to swim. During the one-by-one discover diving, the moving direction is never out of control of our instructor, so guests can interact with the clown fishes closely without the worry of hitting the corals.

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Eco Guide Cafe
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About 10 mins by car from Miyako airport
Free pick up services (from the main hotels on Miyako Island)
TEL 0980-75-6050     ('International number:+81-980-75-6050)
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