An entertainment space that can be enjoyed year-round, centering on the theme: “Experience in Okinawa ‘NIPPON’ where you want to come back again!”

Lequios Theater

lequios theater

Lequios Theater

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Chatan(American Village)

Studded with our Lequios Theater performers!

Shop Information

Shop Namelequios theater
Lequios Theater
Okinawa Chatan Town, Mihama 8-10


About 40 mins by car from Naha airport
TEL 098-921-5238     ('International number:+81-98-921-5238)
Hours of Operation13:00-18:00 (Every Saturday & Sunday)
Regular Holiday Monday to Tursday
Parking ◯ 
Payment Method

Credit Card, Union Pay


Entertainment show


〜 Adult

Entertainment show


〜 Age of 3-15

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