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glass art ai

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Nago City・Yanbaru Area

When you wake up leisurely in the morning, the glasses will give you pleasant smiles It’s fun to find your own preferences to match personal gifts and the different occasions Express the gradation of Okinawan sea along the path to a white sandy beach. The change of color represents the depths of sea [ DINNRE STYLE ] Made with images of beautiful fireworks. May your dream comes true like fireworks open their flowers in the night sky In order to drink island Sake (Awamori) more deliciously, we use glass which is studded with stars shining in the night sky Shop & workshop located in Nakayama, Nago-shi. Healing space surrounded by the natural forest of Yanbaru With love from a small workshop in Nago and homemade glasses from AI are all gentle, elegant and beautiful looking Ryukyu glass is one of the Okinawan traditional craft based on Okinawan culture and nature

Shop Information

Shop Nameglass art ai
Glass Art AI
Okinawa Nago-city Nakayama211-1


About 18 mins by car from Kyoda Inter Section
About 22 mins by car from Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
TEL 0980-53-2110     ('International number:+81-980-53-2110)
Hours of Operation9:30〜17:00
Regular HolidayTuesday
Parking ◯ Free(10 spaces)


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