Steamed Agu pork condensed in the original flavor is exquisite!

Okinawa Dining SHIMABUTAYA

okinawa ryori shimabutaya

Okinawa Dining SHIMABUTAYA

Gourmet:Dining & Bar:Steak & Yakiniku & Syabusyabu

West Coast Area

All ingredients for basket-steamed Yanbaru island Agu pork course are carefully devised!  Grilled Agu pork belly sushi has an unforgettable taste. Deep-fried Agu pork feet are really delicious. Please give it a try.

Shop Information

Shop Nameokinawa ryori shimabutaya
Okinawa Dining SHIMABUTAYA
Okinawa Onna-son Onna 6369-1


TEL 098-966-1450     ('International number:+81-98-966-1450)
Hours of Operation17:00〜24:00 L.O. 23:00
Regular HolidayNo regular holidays
Parking ◯ Free(20 spaces)
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Credit Card, Union Pay


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