Let's go to see the beautiful tropical fish and coral reefs of Okinawa by the glass boat

Mi-baru Marine Tourism Center

mibaru kaitei kankou center

Mi-baru Marine Tourism Center

Sightseeing:Glass-bottom boat, Aquarium, Observation tower:Activities:Beach

Nanjo City・Yaese Town・Haebaru Town・Yonabaru Town

Enjoy underwater sights without having to change into a swimsuit. Ever-popular clown fish are waiting for you! On the ocean floor, 30 meters below the surface. Witness scenes you'll never see at an aquarium.

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Shop Namemibaru kaitei kankou center
Mi-baru Marine Tourism Center
Okinawa Nanjo-City Tamagusuku Aza Hyakuna 1029-1


Take Okinawa Bus No.39 line and get off at Niibaru Beach stop
TEL 098-963-0551     ('International number:+81-98-963-0551)
Hours of Operation9:00〜17:00 Acceptance by 16:30
Regular Holidayall year open We will cancel depends on ocean conditions
Parking ◯ Paid Parking (30 spaces),Two hours free with our boat tour purchase

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