Guides all courses by boat! Ease move and enjoy the blue cave overlooking the landscape of beautiful ocean of Okinawa !

Marine Club Gigi

marine club gigi

Marine Club Gigi


West Coast Area

Blue cave tour by popular boat! We always has the staff who can speak English and Chinese We move to the blue cave by a comfortable boat! We head to the point overlooking the beautiful ocean Let's get healed by blue while snorkeling and diving All food for fish feeding is free! Fish will gather near you! The view from the sky with parasailing is amazing! Let’s go meet the whale shark! You can combine it with other tours including the blue cave and parasailing. Children (5 years old〜) can also participate We also enhance the equipment for children! We provide a box glasses and float Even if its the first time diving and snorkeling, our staff will carefully explain

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Marine Club Gigi
Okinawa Onna Village Maganeku 59


About 10 mins by car from Ishikawa Inter Section
Take the bus
TEL 090-7587-4426     ('International number:+81-90-7587-4426)
Hours of Operation8:00〜18:00
Regular HolidayEnd/Beginning of the Year
Parking ◯ 100 cars


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