You can enjoy cooking your basket-steamed foods with the rich flavor of the ingredients

Steamed Cuisine SHIMABUTAYA

suchi-mu dainingu simabutaya

Steamed Cuisine SHIMABUTAYA

Gourmet:Dining & Bar

Naha・Kokusai Street Area

Basket-steamed Agu pork banquet course that you can eat up delicious Okinawan foods! Basket-steamed tender Yanbaru island pork Goya Chanpuru lavishly prepared with Agu pork is unique to Shimabuta-ya

Shop Information

Shop Namesuchi-mu dainingu simabutaya
Steamed Cuisine SHIMABUTAYA
Okinawa Naha city Kumoji 3-29-41


7 min. walk from Kenchoemae Station
TEL 098-861-2739     ('International number:+81-98-861-2739)
Hours of Operation17:00〜24:00 L.O. 23:00
Regular HolidayNo regular holidays
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Credit Card, Union Pay

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