You can enjoy Ryukyu cuisine in this 100-year-old historical house.




Steak & Yakiniku & Syabusyabu:Okinawa Soba,Ramen noodle

Nago City・Yanbaru Area

A popular restaurant where you get to meet Okinawa's good old days. Let the cool sound of the waterfall relax your mind as you savor Okinawan cooking. Taste real Agu pork with fried Agu cutlet meal. 「Extreme Agu pork cutlet set menu」 Enjoy our two most popular items in one meal with 「20 meals a day only, Thick slice pork of Agu pork Soba」. A traditional Okinawan house that beautifully lights up in the dark. Enjoy the magical atmosphere with constantly changing color. Premium Agu shabu shabu course uses brand Agu pork called Yanbaru Shimabuta. Agu pork soba : premium Okinawa soba made with mouth-watering slow-cooked Agu. Shogayaki (ginger pork) set: our special sauce brings out Agu's umami. Unai gozen: the main dish is yushi dofu (unsolidified fluffy tofu). It's lighly flavored and popular with women.

Shop Information

Shop Nameufuya
Okinawa Nago City Nakayama 90


About 10 mins by car from NAGO PINEAPPLE PARK
TEL 0980-53-0280     ('International number:+81-980-53-0280)
Hours of OperationLunch 11:00-16:00(L.O. 15:30), Dinner 18:00-21:00(L.O. 20:00)
Regular HolidayOpen all year
Parking ◯ 100cars
Payment Method

Cash Payment


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