Naha is a convenient place to stay if you’re planning to fully explore Okinawa. Consider staying in one of these 8 recommend hotels!

Naha is a convenient place to stay if you’re planning to fully explore Okinawa. Consider staying in one of these 8 recommend hotels!

For those who want to fully explore Okinawa, Naha is the most convenient place to stay. It allows you to have easy access to the airport and to the expressway. The hotels in Naha are also relatively inexpensive compared to the luxury hotels on the west coast. The editorial group came up with a list of recommended hotels, which we will introduce in detail! The comfort you’ll experience will make you want to come back. Definitely consider these options when you search for hotels!

The first swimming pool with clear walls in Okinawa. You’ll feel like you’re floating in the air!

Hotel Aqua Citta Naha by WBF allows easy access not only to Kokusai Dori (International Street) but also to Tomari Port, which has ferries to and from the Kerama Islands. The 30-second walk to the port makes it perfect for those of you who plan to visit nearby islands. Breakfast buffet at BRIO MATTINA offers a wide variety of pasta and Panini. They also have more than 50 types of dessert. Get a little taste of luxury before you head out for the day. POLA brand amenities, popular among women, are also a big draw. There’s a bar at the swimming pool, where you’ll be able to take in Naha’s night view with drink in hand.

Check in on the highest floor, where a spectacular view awaits!

Rihga Royal Gran Okinawa – a hotel connected to Asahibashi monorail station. You’ll be greeted on the lobby at the highest floor, which overlooks Naha and the East China Sea; it’ll be difficult to contain your excitement!
Choose your room from the budget-friendly standard floor or the higher-class premier floor. Some services are limited to the guests staying on the premier floor, so go for the premier floor if you wanna get a taste of luxury. Enjoy a relaxing bath in the spacious bathroom with washing room, which is available in every room.

Luxurious space in the middle of a city

Located in the Sakurazaka area, Hyatt Regency Naha Okinawa is only a 3-minute walk from Kokusai Dori. Enjoy a calm, relaxing time in the middle of a city. Switch off from your everyday life in a luxurious interior with more than 300 pieces of Ryukyu glass art. Hotel facilities include an outdoor pool and fitness gym. Bathing suit, floats, and workout clothes can be rented for free, so you can pack light for your trip. Make a toast with sommelier-recommended wine at the wine bar that opens at 6pm every day. Have a lively conversation about your exciting day!

The must-eat breakfast that ranked first in Okinawa three years in a row for The Best Hotel Breakfast Award

Hotel Rocore Naha is located at the entrance to Kokusai Dori, a 2-minute walk from Kencho-mae monorail station. The stylish atrium lobby is adorned with wood accents and vibrant glass—it gives a great tropical feel. Every room is equipped with free Wi-Fi, a free rental smartphone called handy, a humidifier, and an air purifier. There’s also a 24-hour convenience store inside the hotel! Hotel Rocore Naha ranked first in Okinawa for three consecutive years in TripAdvisor’s Best Breakfast Hotels. They serve more than 50 dishes that range from Japanese to Western and Okinawan. Tropical fruit and salads using Okinawan ingredients like mozuku seaweed and shima dofu (island tofu) are popular.

Enjoy Naha’s city lights and a close-up view of ferries passing through!

Okinawa Kariyushi Urban Resort Naha is popular among family guests, just a 10-minute drive from Naha Airport. A large-scale parking structure with a 600-space capacity stands next to the hotel, making it convenient for rental car users. Choose your room from two sides: the town side with Naha’s night view, or the sea side with the view of the East China Sea and the ferries that come and go. The suite has both Japanese- and western-style rooms with a maximum occupancy of 5, making it perfect for families. On a sunny day, you’ll be able to see the Kerama Islands, located 40km from Okinawa main island. There’s only one suite, so make an early reservation!

You’ll be right on Kokusai Dori! Can’t beat the location

Hotel JAL City Naha reopened in July 2018. It stands at a very convenient location, right in the middle of Kokusai Dori. The Okinawan theme is on display everywhere, from the bingata-themed entrance and card keys to the lobby with cool fountain. Food served at the breakfast buffet changes with the seasons. They also have dishes of the day to ensure that there’s always something new for guests staying multiple nights and for second-time guests. A nursing room is available on the first floor for mothers with infants. You can put all of the beds together in a guest room with the capacity of 2 to 4 people, making it perfect for families that sleep together with kids. Connecting rooms allow guest to join 2 twin rooms with a door—recommended for multi-generational family vacation.

Have an amazing time grilling and swimming in two different pools!

At Loisir Hotel Naha, sleeping together with kids under the age of 12 is free of charge. They also have a baby room (Japanese-style room) for families with infants. Come grill at the pool after a full day of activities and exploration! An all-you-can-eat course is available, too, so your kids won’t go hungry. At night, have a relaxing time at the hotel’s hot spring. There’s also a bufferfly-shaped outdoor swimming pool that is popular with kids (available from April to October). It’s open until 9pm, so you can spend plenty of time in the pool.

Kids and adults alike will be content with the wide-ranging customer service

Hotel Ocean Naha Kokusai-Dori is in great location, with only a 3-minute walk from Makishi monorail station. They use more than 100 Okinawan ingredients in the nutritious breakfast that serves a wide variety of Okinawan dishes. You can also make your own taco rice and parfait. They have a kids menu as well as solid food for babies based on age. The family-friendly dining experience is a big draw. They also rent out 5 different types of pillows. Take advantage of the free “shampoo bar,” which is limited to female guests. Choose the shampoo you want to try, and have a fun bath experience! About 20 items are available for rent, including strollers and kids-size pajamas. Guests will also be given diapers and baby wipes upon check-in, which is really helpful for families with kids and extra luggage.

What did you think? There are lots of hotels, but they aren’t all the same—each one has unique atmosphere and distinct facilities. Naha has a lot more hotels than the ones introduced in this article, so search for ones that suit your needs and preferences.

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