Check out Calbee+ Okinawa Kokusaidori Street. It’s full of deliciousness!

Check out Calbee+ Okinawa Kokusaidori Street. It’s full of deliciousness!

Pay close attention if you’re looking for a “different experience” or if you want to bring back “unique gifts” from your trip to Okinawa.
We’ll be showcasing Calbee+ Okinawa Kokusaidori Street where visitors can indulge in hot snacks and find great and unique gifts.

Take a break on Kokusaidori Street. Head over to Calbee+ for your afternoon snack.

Calbee+ is a nation-wide storefront for Calbee, a snack company famous for Potato Chips and Jagarico. These shops are popular not only among locals, but also with visitors looking to experience the “fun” and “tasty” that Calbee offers.
On August 2012, Calbee opened their Okinawa Kokusaidori street location. This location has products that only a shop run directly by Calbee would have such as the “Local Jagarico Flavors 8 Pack” and many others. These products are great for gifts to bring back home, or if you’re just feeling a little peckish.

Calbee Plus

The store is really easy to find. Once you get off at YuiRail Makishi Station, walk toward Kokusai Dori Street for about five minutes. You’ll see the building with a big screen on your left hand side, – Tenbusu Naha building – a local cultural center. The Calbee+ Okinawa Kokusaidori location is sitting next to its right. The shop has the sign of big hibiscus flower, as you would expect from the Okinawan location, so it’ll be hard to miss.

Fresh and hot food choices only found in-store!

The best thing about Calbee+ Okinawa Kokusaidori Street is obviously the food menu. Apart from the wide variety of the usual menu you can get in all the other nation-wide locations, there are some things you can only order here – all of which are packed full with that Calbee+ flavor! Take your time and enjoy what the shop has to offer.


The most popular choice is “Poterico”, a special version of Jagarico – a type of snack Calbee is most famous for. The ingredients of both snacks are identical but they have very different textures. While Jagarico is more of a “crunch”, Poterico has a “puffy” or “fluffy” texture. This fluffiness is what makes Poterico. You should go taste both and see the difference first hand.

Sweet Poterico

“Sweet Poterico” and “Cane-sugar Flavor Potechurro” can only be found in the Okinawa Kokusaidori Street location.
Sweet Poterico is made from purple sweet potatoes. You can enjoy the subtle sweetness of purple sweet potatoes and the unique fluffy Poterico texture.


Cane-sugar Potechurro is a product where you can really taste “Okinawa”. The perfect balance of the sugar-cane’s sweetness and the potato’s flavors would make anyone smile!

Everything is cooked in-store. This kind of freshness can only be experienced in Calbee+.

Great for gifts! Check out these products that are only found in Okinawa Kokusaidori location.

Various types of snacks and an assortment of gifts are available in-store.
The “Local Jagarico Flavors 8 Pack” is the most popular in all the Calbee+ stores. This 8 pack includes special flavors such as takoyaki and mentaiko that are otherwise only available in the Kansai and Kyushu areas respectively. You get to taste 8 limited edition flavors without having to travel all over Japan, so the 8 pack makes for a great gift for your friends and family.


The “Local Jagarico” sold in the Okinawa Kokusaidori Street location has a very cute limited edition packaging only found in Okinawa. The packaging has images of hibiscus flowers and a whale shark and would make a great gift to bring back from Okinawa.


Another product limited to Okinawa is the “Churapote”. These bite-sized snacks use three types of Japanese sweet potatoes known as Eimurasaki, Koganesengan, and Kurikogane. This limited edition flavor also uses Okinawan cane-sugar so you’ll be able to experience the taste of Okinawa as well.

Please drop by when you’re visiting Okinawa because we’re sure you’ll find something you’ll love in Calbee+ Okinawa Kokusaidori Street!