8 Must-see Spots in Southern Okinawa – from Popular Spots to Hidden Gems!

8 Must-see Spots in Southern Okinawa – from Popular Spots to Hidden Gems!

Southern Okinawa is composed of seven cities and towns. This area is filled with beautiful scenery, fun hands-on folk craft workshops, and beaches with untouched nature that are surprisingly not well known.
We’ve made a list of top 8 recommendations to help you plan your Okinawa trip.

Spend a Luxurious Time in Senaga Umikaji Terrace while Enjoying the Beautiful Scenery

Umikaji Terrace

Built in summer of 2015 “Senaga Umikaji Terrace” is a commercial facility just a 15-minute drive from the airport. Its easy-to-access location has garnered popularity not only among locals, but also repeat visitors to Okinawa. Its popularity has been steadily rising as Okinawa’s newest tourism/shopping destination.

Niraibashi Bridge and Kanaibashi Bridge – the Most Scenic Route in Okinawa


“Niraibashi Bridge and Kanaibashi Bridge” are well-known scenic routes like the Kouri-ohashi Bridge and Kaichu-doro Bridge. While driving on the bridge, you’ll see the gradation of blues - light blue, emerald blue and navy blue - in the ocean. The perfectly straight horizon in the distance will surely amaze you. You can also look at the entirety of the bridge from the observatory near the tunnel.

Cleanse Your Spirit in Seifa Utaki – the Holiest Place in the Ryukyu Kingdom

Seifa Utaki

Seifa Utaki is a very well-known “power spot”. In 2000, it was registered as a World Heritage along with Shurijo Castle. The symbol of Seifa Utaki is the Sangui, where two stalactites converge. Further down, there is a place of worship called “Chonohana”, which is one of the holiest places in Okinawa. Please understand that this is a very spiritual place, so remember to respect the rules and etiquette when visiting.

Chinen Misaki Koen Park – Get a Panoramic View of the Pacific Ocean!

Chinen Misaki

Chinen Misaki Park is a spot that’s off the beaten path. Here, you’ll be greeted with waters clear enough to let you see the coral reef under the surface. It may be a good place for you to relax and simply enjoy the view. The park is maintained, so you can go there just wearing sandals.

A Hidden Gem – Beaches with Untouched Nature

Mibaru Beach

There are several beaches in the south, but none have kept the rustic Okinawan vibe as well as Mibaru Beach. You can register for a glass-bottomed boat ride on the day you arrive and of course go swimming. Only in natural beaches like Mibaru can you see such colorful tropical fish. You can see fish so clearly that you’d think you could reach out and grab one. There are several other marine activities that visitors can enjoy here.

Experience Folk Art! Make Your Very Own Craft in Theme Parks.

Ryukyu Glass Village

There are many facilities in southern Okinawa where visitors can enjoy traditional culture and even make their very own folk art. For example, in Ryukyu Glass Village, you can make your own glasses, plates, and accessories. Alternatively, you can go make Bingata textile, pottery, and other such crafts in Okinawa World. Just select your plan and make your favorite craft.

Ocean Café – Okinawan Food and Scenery Await You in the South!


There are several cafés in the south where visitors can enjoy the view of the ocean. One café in particular, the CAFE Fuju, is popular for their menu that incorporates many Okinawan ingredients and even taco rice. There are also seats available on the terrace where customers can take their time enjoying the food and the great scenery.

Oujima Island – Get a Taste of Fresh Okinawan Tempura

Ojima Island

Oujima Island is a tiny island off the coast of southern Okinawa that you can drive to. Here visitors can get a taste of Okinawan tempura, known for its thick and fluffy batter. Typical ingredients are local fish, mozuku, and asa seaweed. Visitors will experience Okinawa and local food culture through cuisine. The island is home to three tempura stores, so you may want to taste test each one.

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