Please consider the following points when you use the hotels in Okinawa

Please consider the following points when you use the hotels in Okinawa

Everyone should be excited that their long-sought trip to Okinawa has finally come. There are a lot of fun activities waiting for you including sightseeing, gourmet dining, and shopping. However, before that, please look over the Okinawa hotels’ conditions described here. Please inform yourself about the hotels in Okinawa, Japan that have a different culture and customs in order to have a pleasant trip to Okinawa.

Guest rooms information

Guest rooms information

Please refrain from smoking in the non-smoking rooms

In Japan including Okinawa, hotels completely ban smoking or they provide separate smoking sections. Therefore, smoking is strictly prohibited in the non-smoking guest rooms and other places.

Please do not take out guest room furnishings

Guests are asked not to take home (or take out) guest room furnishings. Please do not take out the TV, or the dryer, clock, as well as bath towels and toiletries.

Please put the garbage in a trash box

Guests are asked to put leftover food, wrapping paper, cardboard, and any clothes which you don’t need any longer in a trash box belonging to the Hotel.

Please do not cook in guest rooms

Cooking in guest rooms, such as cooking ramen noodles in a pot which belongs to the hotel, is strictly prohibited. Please do not eat strong smelling food like crabs in guest rooms as well.

Other points to note

Guests are asked not to speak in a loud voice, make noise in a guest room, have a party, or appear outside guest rooms while wearing slippers and a bathroom from the hotel.

Restaurant information

Restaurant information

Please wait in line when it’s crowded

When the restaurant is busy, please wait in line without interruption. In addition, please do not take seats without permission just because empty seats are available. Please follow the lead of a host and have a seat.

Please take only what you can eat for buffet

Even if it’s all-you-can-eat, it is considered to be discourteous that you take large portion of foods and can’t eat everything, and thus leave a plate of food unfinished. Please take only what you can eat. In addition, please also note that leftovers cannot be taken home.

Please do not bring food to the restaurant

Guests are strictly prohibited from bringing outside food and beverages such as instant noodles, kimchi, and beer. Please enjoy only the restaurant food in the restaurant.

Please do not change seats without permission

Please enjoy your meal in the seat guided by a staff member. If you must change your seat, please ask the staff for a table change.

Please do not bother others around you by using cellular phone and talking in a loud voice

Talking in a loud voice and using cellular phone during the meals is considered to be discourteous in Okinawa, Japan. Please reduce the tone of voice to lower than usual and enjoy your meal.


As for the buffet, please refrain from taking food directly with your hands, sharing tongs, or eating while standing. Please pay attention to your manners since there are other guests specifically there for the restaurant in the hotel.

Other points to note

Other points to note

Please inform the exact number of people to stay at the time of booking

In Okinawa hotels the hotel charges often change according to the total number of people lodging in the hotel. It’s different from other countries where hotel charges change by the room charges. Please inform the hotel the exact number of people that will stay at the time of booking. If you’d like to change the number of people staying, please contact the hotel quickly.

About the lobby and front

Guests are asked not to talk in a loud voice, eat food, or open your bag to pack your stuff. Furthermore, please do not stop and have a chat in the lobby or doorways since it will cause offence to other guests who need to use the doors.

Please wait for your turn

The front desk may be busy at check-in and check-out time. At that time, please wait in line without interruption and wait until your turn comes.

About Japanese-style toilet etiquette

You can flush used toilet paper in the toilets in Okinawa, Japan. Please do not leave used toilet paper on the floor. Also, doing your business outside the toilet is strictly prohibited.

Use of public bath

The public bath is a unique culture in Okinawa, Japan. Guests are asked to observe good manners for the use of the public bath in the hotel. Please rinse off before going to the bathtub, prevent bubbles attached to your body from entering in a bathtub, and do not bring a towel into the bathtub, etc. Guests with tattoos may not be allowed to use the public bath in the hotels.

Please be punctual

Japan is well known for being a punctual country. If you have reservations for marine activities or for restaurants etc., please keep to that time.

Please use the pool during business hours

It is dangerous to swim outside business hours since there are no lifeguards. Please use the pool during business hours.

Please do not walk inside the hotel wearing a swimsuit.

After using the pool and the beach, please do not walk around the lobby and hallways inside the hotel or enter the restaurant wearing a swimsuit. Please change into clothes first.

About the stores

Please do not open the packages before you purchase them. Moreover, there is almost no custom in Japan to ask for a discount. Please refrain from asking for a discount.

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