Kura Highball, a great companion to Okinawan food and the recommended start point for awamori beginners!

Kura Highball, a great companion to Okinawan food and the recommended start point for awamori beginners!

Awamori is the most well-known Okinawan alcohol. Characterized by its richness and aromatic flavor profile, locals enjoy them with meals.
At restaurants in Nago city, where Helios Distillery is located, you can currently get a free Kura Highball! The campaign won’t last forever, so don’t miss your chance!

Feel Okinawan history as you immerse yourself in awamori’s rich aroma.

Helios Distillery is a long-established awamori distillery that was founded in 1961. It’s been making many products with the belief that “alcoholic beverages should be made using local ingredients.” The distillery is located in Okinawa’s northern area called Yanbaru, which is known for its rich nature and beautiful water. A lot of Helios Distillery’s products are made with the spring water from the mountain that stands behind the distillery.

Helios Distillery’s best-known product is Kusu Kura, an awamori matured in oak barrels. There’s actually a free tour that allows you to see its manufacturing process! You’ll certainly have a fun time learning about lots of different topics, from the secret to Kusu Kura’s flavor to the history of awamori. After the tour, try free samples of many of their products, like awamori, rum, and plum wine. (Some are paid samples.) There are some non-alcoholic beverages (like moromi vinegar), too, for those who aren’t big fans of alcohol. Enjoy the products made with pride at Helios Distillery!

Kura Highball – a popular drink that’s easy to drink even for awamori beginners!

People usually have kusu with water or on the rock, but there’s recently been a surge in popularity drinking it as a highball. Kusu Kura is easy to drink for awamori beginners because it’s matured in barrels, just like whiskey. It’s even better with a slice of lemon or shikuwasa.

Kusu Kura makes a great souvenir because it doesn’t take much to enjoy it; get one for later and share the deliciousness with your family and friends. But do also have it during your trip—savor a blissful glass of Kusu Kura together with Okinawan food!

Recommended restaurants that serve one free Kura Highball

Shinpu Ryori Kaji

Dishes made with unconventional ideas, inspirations, and fresh ingredients.

They provide tables or rooms in accordance with the size of your group; there are 4-seat tables as well as rooms that can accommodate up to 20 people. Wheelchair-accessible rooms and counter seats for customers eating solo are also available to ensure comfortable experience for every customer.

【Address】2-22-28 Ohigashi, Nago City, Okinawa
【Closed】Closed dinnertime on Monday,12/31、1/1、the Bon festival(8/15)

Soshokuya En Agarie Branch

They provide fresh ingredients with pride at a reasonable price!

You’ll be welcomed by a wide variety of alcoholic beverages and delicious food made with fresh, high quality ingredients. Have an enjoyable time chatting with staff members at the counter adjacent to the open kitchen or taking in the beautiful night view.

【Address】5-19-15 Agarie, Nago City, Okinawa

Koryori Hizakura

Enjoy your meal at a spacious Japanese-style table in a relaxing atmosphere.

The dishes made with local ingredients are presented beautifully, with lots of colors. The restaurant cherishes every interaction it has with customers, making it a cozy place with delicious food and tasty local alcoholic beverages.

【Address】1-15-6 Gusuku, Nago City, Okinawa


They have about 90 dishes including rafute (stewed pork belly) and Okinawa soba.

The large menu includes creative dishes, snacks that pair well with alcoholic beverages, and Okinawan dishes the chef makes with pride using seasonal local ingredients. This spacious, relaxing restaurant has a total 65 seats. The handmade tables and chairs are made of Okinawan trees.

【Address】1-14-12 Ohigashi, Nago City, Okinawa
【Closed】Monday, 12/31,1/1

Yanbaru Dining Matsu no Kominka

Have a great time eating shabushabu in a traditional Okinawan home!

You get to eat Kokuryuton Agu pork, a rare species, as shabushabu. They also serve creative Okinawan dishes using local ingredients and side dishes made with a little extra time and effort. Enjoy food served with pride.

【Address】2-14-5 Ominami, Nago City, Okinawa

Sumibiyaki Kushimaru

Make a toast with charcoal-grilled yakitori and local alcohol!

Your stomach will growl as the charcoal fragrance wafts through the air. Stop by on a whim even if you’re by yourself and take a seat at the long counter. The restaurant has lots of kushiyaki filled with chicken umami.

【Address】914-3 Umusa, Nago City, Okinawa


Sushi! Tempura! Sashimi! Enjoy a wonderful meal at this restaurant that specializes in fish!

A long-established restaurant popular among locals. Fresh fish is brought in from fisheries in Nago and the northern area, and served at a reasonable price as much as possible to satisfy customers’ hungry stomachs. Teishoku (set meal) and a la carte also available.

【Address】1-8-18 Onaka, Nago City, Okinawa

FoodStuff's Retreat AZITO

The staff members welcome you with their playfulness!

A hidden, chic restaurant where you get to taste food and alcoholic drinks made with pride. We recommend the restaurant’s original pizza; their chewy dough, which is made from scratch, is topped with their original tomato sauce, then baked to perfection. The night view from the restaurant is spectacular, too!

【Address】6F 1-11-15 Gusuku, Nago City, Okinawa
【Closed】Tuesday, 1/7~1/10

Kakure Kukan ZEN

Enjoy a fine dining experience with exceptional Japanese food.

They cherish the local production and local consumption movement, and carefully select their ingredients accordingly. Popular dishes abound, like assorted sashimi and seared beef nigiri, made with Yamashiro beef. It’s got a relaxing, hideaway-like atmosphere.

【Address】1-3-27 Gusuku, Nago City, Okinawa
【Closed】No regular holiday


Enjoy Okinawan home-style dishes at this restaurant that's been around for twenty years.

It’s got Okinawan home-style dishes and teishoku (set meals) that bring comfort and nostalgia. Enjoy dishes made with carefully selected local vegetables and meat, like mashed tofu-marinated nigana (a type of greens) and taimo (a type of taro) dishes.

【Address】829-1 Bimata, Nago City, Okinawa

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