Okinawa for beginners! 8 tourist spots you’ll want to go in Okinawa

Okinawa for beginners! 8 tourist spots you’ll want to go in Okinawa

We will introduce the tourist spots that are recommended for Okinawa beginners! You will absolutely enjoy Okinawa. This covers the points from standard spots where many travelers to Okinawa visit, to recent popular spots. Let’s stop by the recommended spots and shops around each tourist spot.

Okinawa Commemorative National Government Park (Ocean Expo Park )/ Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium | Motobu town

A world class aquarium that exhibits about 740 species and 11,000 sea creatures that reproduce the Okinawan sea with realism. Experience as if driving under the world of a cobalt blue ocean that gives a fresh impression every time you visit.

Highlighted points
During the feeding commentary carried out twice a day, you can watch scenes of whale sharks eating food while treading water!

The immediate vicinity! Let’s stop by here too

Okinawa Commemorative National Government Park (Ocean Expo Park) / Okichan Theater|Motobu town

Ocean Expo Park, Okichan Theater

You can observe a dynamic dolphin show for free. We definitely recommend you go there after the aquarium.

Fukugi Tree Road in Bise, Motobu|Motobu town

Fukugi Tree Road in Bise, Motobu

Garcinia that have been used as windbreakers for a long time surrounds the whole village and you can enjoy old-fashioned rural landscapes of Okinawa.

Shuri Castle | Naha city

PHOT provided by Okinawa Commemorative National Goverment Park Shurijo Catsle Park

The heart of the Ryukyu Kingdom, Shuri Castle lasted for about 450 years is where politics and diplomacy and culture of the Ryukyu Kingdom flourished. The main hall has the Ryukyu Kingdom’s largest distinctive two-layered, three-storied wooden structure.

Highlighted points
Shuri Castle lit up after sunset provides a very fantastic atmosphere! (Excluded days) The summer solstice every year, on the day of Tanabata

The immediate vicinity! Let’s stop by here too

The stone pavement way of Kinjo town|Naha city

The stone pavement way of Kinjo town

A historical walking trail, about 300m that miraculously escaped war damage. It still retains the look of the time. On the way, “Big Akagi of Kinjo town” is a famous power spot.

Okinawa art workshop Shuri Ryusen|Naha city

Okinawa art workshop Shuri Ryusen

You can observe the studio of the colorful traditional craft “Bingata” and also try or purchase the beautiful gradation of “Coral dyed Bingata” for daily use. Trai lessons are also available.

Kokusai Dori | Naha city

Kokusai Dori

The main street of Naha. The entrance of Naha that is condensed with various charms of Okinawan while markedly preserving the history and culture. An attractive place, it has everything such as Okinawa sweets, awamori and T-shirts on the both sides of the roughly 1.6km road.

Highlighted points
Since many stores are open until late at night, you can take your time doing the shopping after dinner!

The immediate vicinity! Let’s stop by here too

Makishi Public Market|Naha city

Makishi Public Market

Small shops stand side by side in a row and colorful tropical fish, island vegetables and pork chunks are displayed close together. It’s fun to have a conversation with the shops staff.

Tsuboya Yachimun Road|Naha city

Tsuboya Yachimun Road

Tsuboya that has lasted for 300 years from the Ryukyu dynasty is a pottery town. Let’s go to find your favorite Yachimun (pottery) along an elegant street paved with stones.

Kouri Bridge | Nakijin Village

Kouri Bridge

About a 2 km bridge along the sea connects Yagachito and Kourijima. The reflection of light on the sea has a variety of gradations is just a superb view. There is also a sidewalk that has outlook spaces which you can walk across.

Highlighted points
Kourijima is known as the “love of the island” It has a legend of Okinawa version of Adam and Eve. Power spots are also scattered about!

The immediate vicinity! Let’s stop by here too

Kouri Ocean Tower|Nakijin Village

Kouri Ocean Tower

New attractions in Kourijima. You can get a full view of Yanbaru nature from an observation tower Its 82m above sea level.

Kouri Beach|Nakijin Village

Kouri Beach

Located under the Kouri bridge, you can relax in very clear shallow water.

American Village | Chatan town

American Village

Popular spots stylish shops, gourmet spots and amusement facilities are gathered in the vast grounds modeled after the West coast of U.S. There are many foreigners and you can feel the exotic wind.

Highlighted points
You can enjoy a superb view overlooking the East China Sea from a landmark. Ferris-wheel. The sunset is even more recommended.

The immediate vicinity! Let’s stop by here too

Depot Island|Chatan town

Depot Island

The depot island theme park like town is also a must-see! There are many locals and tourists there at night and day.

Sun set Beach|Chatan town

Sun set Beach

It’s close to the American village. As the name implies, it’s also a popular date spot that overlooks a beautiful sunset.

Theme Park | Whole area of the main Okinawa island

Nago Pineapple Park

A theme park of a whole pineapple. You can easily explore the large tropical garden with a cute pineapple cart. It is rich in contents such as tasting pineapples, learning the history and observing the wine making process. 【Nago Pineapple Park|Nago City】

Highlighted points
After strolling in the park, you can enjoy free pineapple tasting or free original wine tasting!

The immediate vicinity! Let’s stop by here too

Bios Hill|Onna Village

Bios Hill

Botanical garden where you can interact with nature in an oasis surrounded by subtropical plants. The popular “Kosoui kanshou-sen (the lake appreciation boat)” travels on a lake through the woods.

OKINAWA Fruit Land|Nago city

OKINAWA Fruit Land

Let’s play a leading character from stories from the south explore with tropical butterflies and birds! Let’s GO to the exciting hands-on facility that also has special suits!

Ryukyu mura|Onna Village

Ryukyu mura

Let’s slip back in time to good old Okinawa and spend a relaxed time while experiencing the traditional culture and entertainment.

Ryukyu Glass Craft|Itoman city

Ryukyu Glass Craft

Don’t just buy souvenirs.
Why don’t you create an original piece from the Ryukyu glass’s full trial menu and discover the fascination of it?

Cape Manza | Onna Village

Cape Manza

White waves and the emerald sea that lap onto the cliff of the elevated coral reef and the beautiful landscape with natural grass spread all around is still an attraction for many people.

Sefa Utaki | Nanjyo city

Sefa Utaki

A place of worship built with two huge stalactites is very mysterious. It’s also popular as a power spot.

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