Which do you prefer, ocean or forest? A selection of eight stylish cafés in the Northern Okinawa region

Which do you prefer, ocean or forest? A selection of eight stylish cafés in the Northern Okinawa region
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In the northern region of the main island of Okinawa where nature is still preserved, there are many stylish cafés you should drop by while sightseeing! From a seaside café with an amazing view of the sparkling emerald green ocean, to a forest café that makes you feel like you're at a hideout. We will introduce eight cafés that will be sure to make fashionable girls want to take pictures.

Have the blue ocean to yourself from 82 m above sea level “KOURI OCEAN TOWER”

“KOURI OCEAN TOWER” is located in Nakijin Village on the island of Kourijima. At the café “Restaurant Ocean Blue” inside the tower, you can enjoy various meals such as marinated octopus caught at Kourijima dressed in a special basil sauce and freshly made pizza topped with Okinawa Agu Pork and plenty of vegetables baked in a full-scale oven at 500ºC. The sweets made with Kourijima pumpkins are exquisite too. It is a blissful moment, enjoying a meal while viewing the blue ocean of Kourijima.

Take a rest surrounded by the warmth of the woods at “Café Koku”

They have a selection of healthy dishes which are a combination of Japanese cuisine and macrobiotic foods. The “Koku Plate,” made using organic and fresh vegetables bought from local farmers, is recommended.Be sure to check out the building made by interlocking wooden parts without using nails and the unique and tasteful Yachimun (Okinawan pottery) dishes. Not only the food but the whole atmosphere will make your body and soul relax. If you visit on a clear day, you will be able to see the islands of Izenajima and Iheyajima.

A popular café with an endless stream of visitors “Pizza Cafe Kajinho”

A café on the top of a small hill in Motobu Town. Cute “shisa (lion dogs)” will welcome you at the entrance. You will be able to enjoy the Okinawan atmosphere just by looking at the café itself which was made by renovating an old Okinawan house with red roof tiles. The pizza made using spring water from Yanbaru (forested areas of the northern part of the main island of Okinawa) has a fluffy texture that hasn’t changed since the café opened. Since it is a very popular café, expect a long line when visiting.If you want to enjoy the beautiful ocean and the wide sky, you should visit after 15:00. You will be able to spend a blissful moment, losing yourself in thought while watching the sun set.

360 degree panoramic view! A castle-like Western-style building “Ice Crean Café ARK”

If you follow the hand-written signs into the mountains, a castle-like building will appear. It is the only directly managed store of “Ice Crean,” an ice cream brand famous in Okinawa. Ice crean has a crunchy texture, and besides the standard flavor of vanilla, there are always 10 or more flavors to choose from.After you’ve finished eating, you should go up to the rooftop to see its 360 degree panoramic view. You will be able to enjoy the stunning scenery of the islands of Sesokojima and Iejima.

Spend time in the forest of Yanbaru “Cafe ichara”

This café’s attractions are its heartwarming, villa-like wooden building and its lush terrace. At the tables on the terrace, you will be able to enjoy a relaxing time in nature, listening to the songs of birds and feeling the cool breeze. There are various foods available that are made using local Okinawan products, such as bitter melon pizza, mushroom pizza and green caviar salad. You will be able to fully enjoy Okinawa, satisfying both your heart and body for sure!

A healing space created by the beautiful tropical plants “fuu cafe”

“fuu cafe” is located in Motobu Town on the island of Sesokojima. It is a stylish log house-style café, filled with the aroma of coffee carefully brewed one cup at a time after receiving an order.A “Bowl of Rice Topped with Green Caviar and Agu Pork” using ingredients produced locally is one of its popular dishes. In the large garden filled with ferns, there is a hammock installed, so on a sunny day you may want to spend some time playing in the garden. A café perfect for families with children.

A café that blends into the lush nature, Pottery Café “Shisa En”

A café with a traditional atmosphere that reminds you of grandma’s old house. Here, you can enjoy a variety of Okinawan snacks such as raw sugar zenzai (sweet red-bean soup), hirayachi (Okinawan pancake) and chinbin (Okinawan crepe). A perfect place to take a break. Many “shisa (lion dogs)” are placed on top of the roof making it a photo spot for taking pictures with the air of Okinawa.

A relaxing café that seems like time has stopped there “cafe Haconiwa”

A café created by stylishly renovating an old Okinawan house of fifty years old or older. You will be able to relax as if you were at home.Since the “Haconiwa Plate” is a healthy assortment of simply prepared foods made using plenty of Okinawan ingredients, it is popular among women. Sometimes the “Haconiwa Plate” gets sold out, so we recommend you go early! They have great sweets too, such as chocolate brownie and banana cake with a delicious chewy texture.

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