Bus & Taxi


Route Buses

■“City line” runs within Naha City (1、2、3、5、12、14、15、16 Route number of bus)
【Fee】The uniform price of \220 to be paid when getting on
■“Suburbs line” links Naha with each area in the mainland
【Fee】 It depends on where you get on and off, and is to be paid when getting off
*The fee is displayed on an electric bulletin board above the driver’s seat
Route Finder Okinawa
Route finder will help you to find routes to locations using the public transport in Okinawa island

Okinawa Bus Pass

Free ride pass for bus lines in the main island of Okinawa is now on sale! (For limited period only) The free ride pass is for local buses of Ryukyu Kotsu Bus, Okinawa Bus, Naha Bus, Toyo Bus and Yui Rail (Okinawa Urban Monorail).
Show the pass to the bus driver when getting on or off the bus, or swipe its QR code at the monorail ticket gate. You are free of stress, without worrying about the fare or change.
*Pass cannot be used on the following: Line 111, Line 117, airport limousine buses and tour buses

OKINAWA 1 Day Bus Pass ¥2500
OKINAWA 3 Day Bus Pass ¥5000
OKINAWA 1 Day Bus and Monorail Pass ¥3000
OKINAWA 3 Day Bus and Monorail Pass ¥5500

Naha Bus / Ryukyu Bus Kotsu, Okinawa Bus, JTB Okinawa Naha Airport Tourist Information Center (Domestic/International), Tourist Information Center T Galleria Okinawa

Highway Bus

Take “the highway bus (No.111)” which links between the international terminal of the Naha Airport and the Nago bus terminal in order to smoothly travel to the middle and northern part of Okinawa mainland.

Airport Limousine Bus

It is recommended for people traveling between Naha Airport and the resort hotels area. Get a ticket at “Limousine bus guidance center” on the first floor of the Naha Airport.

Service guidance(PDF)

Sightseeing Bus

  • Northern Okinawa Tour

    【Fee】Adults ¥6000, Children ¥3700

    (8:45)Naha Sightseeing Bus Stop→Ryukyu Mura→Cape Manzamo→Churaumi Aquarium→ Nago Pineapple Park→ Naha Sightseeing Bus Stop
    ※1. 1 lunch is included.
    ※2. Admission fees for the Ryukyu Mura (¥840) and Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium (¥1800) not included. *Fees as of Sep. 2009.

  • Nakijin Castle World Heritage Tour

    【Fee】Adults ¥5900, Children ¥3700

    (8:45)Okinawa Sightseeing Bus Stop→ Cape Manzamo→Ocean Expo Park/ Okinawa Chiraumi Aquarium→ Nakajin Castle→ Nago Pineapple Park→ Okinawa Sightseeing Bus Stop
    ※1. 1 lunch is included.
    ※2. Admission fees for Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium (¥1800) not included. *Fees as of Sep. 2010.

  • Shuri-jo Castle Park World Heritage Bus Tour [Tour in Japanese, Audio Guide Avail.]

    【Fee】Adults ¥5300

    (9:30)Sightseeing bus platform (temporary office)→ Shurijo Castle Park→The Former Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters→ The Himeyuri Monument (including lunch)→ Peace Memorial Park→ Okinawa World, Gyokusendo CaveOkinawa→ Sightseeing bus platform (temporary office)




Enjoy the freedom of getting on and off wherever you please.

Initial price 500yen(up to 1,800m), additional fee 60yen(every 349m)

【Hailing a Taxi】
Stand on the curb and raise your hand to stop a taxi marked “空車”. However, taxis may not stop if there is a taxi rank nearby. Wait in line at a taxi rank.

【Getting in a Taxi】
After a taxi stops, the rear door opens automatically. Get in and tell the driver where you want to go.

【Getting out of a Taxi】
Pay the amount shown on the meter. After you pay, the driver opens the door automatically.

Taxi tour course (departing/ arriving at airport or hotels within Naha City)

  • Southern Okinawa/5h

    Minicab ¥14100,
    Medium-size hire ¥17500

    Ryukyu Glass Craft→ The tower of Himeyuri→ The Himeyuri Peace Museum→ Okinawa World Culture Kingdom Gyokusendo

  • Central Okinawa/6h

    Minicab ¥16500,
    Medium-size hire ¥21000

    Roadside Station Kadena→ Bios Hill→ Okinawa Kokuto→ Cape Manzamo

  • Northern Okinawa/8h

    Minicab ¥21,300,
    Medium-size hire ¥28,000

    The Pineapple Park→ Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium→ Glass House in the Forest→ Bios Hill→ Ryukyu Mura

*The fee doesn’t include fee for admissions, parking, and highway, and charge of meals.
*Capacity: (4 people) in minicab, (5 people) in medium-size. They also have a jumbo-size hire, which accommodates 9 passengers.
* Optional Language: English only
【Contact to Okito Koutsu】TEL 098-946-5005