Southern Okinawa Main Island

Okinawa consists of 4 big islands of the mainland, Ishigaki, Iriomote and Miyako, and other approximately 160 smaller islands. They also are surrounded by an ocean of coral reef which excels at leading the world in transparency, and valuable animals and plants inhabit the forests and groves.

Southern Okinawa Main Island

There is a lot to see in the southern part of the island, which is a half-day drive on the national highway 331. Visit sacred sites and castles of Ryukyu mythology, and sense the trials and tribulations that Okinawa has experienced through scars of war. There is also an outlet mall where you can enjoy shopping.

  • The tower of Himeyuri

    It consisted of 219 towers that are dedicated to the war victims, and the student girls who contributed as military nurses in wartime. There is a museum in the back of the towers.

  • Memorial Peace Park

    It is located in a field to commemorate the ending of the Okinawan war. There is a stone monument called “foundation of peace” which is inscribed with all the names of the people – regardless of nationality, or military or civilian status, who passed away because of the war.

  • The bridge of Niraikhanai

    It is a U-shaped bridge of 660m in total length. As you walk on the bridge, you can taste the sense of jumping out towards the sea and the sky.

  • Sefa Utaki

    There is a mysterious atmosphere here, with giant diagonal slabs of stone creating a unique landscape. As the holiest sanctuary in the Ryukyu Kingdom, the area was off-limits to women in the past.