Isolated islands information

Okinawa consists of 4 big islands of the mainland, Ishigaki, Iriomote and Miyako, and other approximately 160 smaller islands. They also are surrounded by an ocean of coral reef which excels at leading the world in transparency, and valuable animals and plants inhabit the forests and groves.

Isolated islands information

The outlying islands have the quality of a southern country lifestyle different from the main island. On each isolated island, the rich nature and indigenous traditional culture have been passed down.

  • Minna island

    It is 15 minutes away on a ferry from the harbor at the northern part of the main island.
    The perfect starlit sky at night moves visitors as well as the wide white sandy beach.

  • Ie island

    It is 30 minutes away on a ferry from the harbor at the northern part of the main island. The Lily festival is held in May and visited by many people.

  • Kabira Bay

    Its scenery, consisting of a sea of rich color, is said to change to 7 colors, and the small islands that float inside the bay are beautiful. The glass-bottom boat is also popular.

  • Taketomi island

    This island has beautiful rows of Okinawa-style houses, and traditional culture remains strongly there. The water buffalo vehicle, which leisurely goes around the town, is a popular attraction of the Taketomi island tour.

  • Hateruma island

    It is located on the southernmost of the islands of Japan, and known for its “star sand.”
    Fine white sands and the emerald sea are touching.

  • The Pinaisara Fall

    It is the largest fall in Okinawa, and its beautiful fall in a straight line is worth seeing.
    Enjoy the Nature and waterfall of the Iriomote island with a canoe and trekking.

  • The river of Nakama

    90% of Iriomote island is covered with subtropical woods. In the Nakama River valley, the vast gregariousness of mangroves can be seen from a pleasure boat.

  • Yufu island

    Take a water buffalo vehicle through about 400m of a shoal from Western Iriomote island to the Yufu island. Flowers are abloom in all their glory throughout the year, and the whole island is just like a subtropical plant garden.

  • Higashihenna Promontory

    It is specified as a scenic spot of Japan and is a grand sight for photographs. The view from Hennazaki lighthouse (admission fee of 200 yen) is marvelous.

  • The bridge of Ikema

    We recommend going for a drive to this bridge of 1425 meter in total length, which appears on the incredible crystal ocean. You can experience a sense of floating on the water.