Central Okinawa Main Island

Okinawa consists of 4 big islands of the mainland, Ishigaki, Iriomote and Miyako, and other approximately 160 smaller islands. They also are surrounded by an ocean of coral reef which excels at leading the world in transparency, and valuable animals and plants inhabit the forests and groves.

Central Okinawa Main Island

Various shops and restaurants are gathered at the “American Village”—an area with landscape design similar to that of the west coast area of the United States. Enjoy a seaside drive with a view of the leading resort hotels in Okinawa by driving up north on the west coast. Many spots with stunning views of the blue ocean can also be found in this area.

  • American Village

    A major tourist spot in the central area with shopping and eateries galore in a California-type atmosphere. Depot Island is always busy with local customers, and there are also hotels and the Sunset Beach.

  • Roadside Station Kadena

    This roadside station stands next to the Kadena airbase, with a full view of the airbase from its rooftop. Inside is a learning center about the Kadena airbase and specialty products on sale.

  • The village of Yachimun

    This is the reading valley known as the place of production of the pottery. Let’s feel the culture and history of the pottery of Okinawa as we walk slowly.

  • Cape Manza

    The dynamic natural scenery of the emerald green ocean and steep cliffs made from the elevated coral reef is a must-see.

  • Maeda Promontory

    It is the cape known for “the blue cave”. The beautiful ocean is highly transparent and spreads under your feet so as to be able to see a coral reef in the water.

  • The ruin of Nakagusuku castle

    The lord of Zakimi castle, Gosamaru, moved into this castle in order to contain the lord of Katsuren castle, Amawari‘s advance.

  • Zakimi Castle

    Here is the oldest arch foundation in Okinawa, along with beautiful castle walls. It is said to have been built by the famous lord Gosamaru.

  • The ruin of Katsuren castle

    It is the residential castle for Amawari, the feudal lord of old Okinawa, Aji, who resisted the King until the end. It stands on a commanding hill.