Recommended Activities

Recommended Activities

The sea in Okinawa excels at leading the world in beauty and transparency, and can be enjoyed throughout the year. Let’s try not only to see, but also try various attractions and activities.

  • Experience-based diving

    It’s OK even if you are unlicensed. Let’s enjoy underwater swimming with colorful coral reefs and fish in the clear blue sea

  • Snorkeling

    You can even meet tropical fish just by floating without swimming deeply.

  • Parasailing

    Fully enjoy the ocean by changing a view point up to the sky. It is impressive to feel like a bird by floating in the air.

  • Marine sports

    Enjoy the dragonboat and the marine jet, whose speediness and thrills are attractive, with your friends.

  • Whale watching

    It is moving to see the dynamic performances of the whales in front of your eyes.
    ※Period : January – March

  • Sea kayak

    Refreshed feeling you can get by plowing the open sea as you feel the sea breeze.
    You can also go to “The Blue Cave” of current topic.

  • Whale shark snorkeling

    It willingly lets you meet the biggest fish, the whale shark, and actually feel their great size.

  • Golf

    Almost all golf courses have a splendid view of the blue ocean. You can enjoy golf throughout the year.

  • Fishing

    It is recommended for people who want to enjoy the sea leisurely. You can participate in it without your own equipment.

The manners and cautions of sea leisure

  • ◇Divide and dump garbage into a predetermined place.
  • ◇On each beach, swim only within the swim area since the “habu jellyfish” which has deadly poison lives in the water.
  • ◇Since ultraviolet rays are strong, apply the sunscreen with a high UV numerical value frequently.
  • ◇If exposed under the sun for a long time, you will get tired, causing accidents in the water easily. Don’t overstrain yourself.